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Google Product Listings and Shopping Advertising

These days competition is incredibly tough. For your marketing efforts, you have to be aggressive. But it’s also important you’re spending money on strategies that deliver.


BrewCLICKS specializes in Google Product Listings and Shopping Advertising. This is one of the most-efficient strategies to boost brand awareness as soon as possible. In this service, we create ads for your products. They appear not only on the Google Shopping page but across all Google networks and searches. This way, we can cover as many leads as possible within a short period of time.


We also test the ads to determine which of them converts the best. We also monitor their performance to guarantee you are putting your money only on campaigns that give you the highest ROI (return on investment).

We also optimize your ads so they appear correctly on different devices. Customers, therefore, have the option to shop anytime and anywhere.


Most of all, with this service, you have greater control of your budget and spending. Pay only when customers click on your product listing or inventory.


BrewCLICKS will also tie your product page with a variety of effective campaigns such as special offers or reviews. This is to draw more of your target market to the page, as well as to increase your credibility. We will also help you earn the coveted Google Trusted Stores badge, which is proof your website is safe and secure for online shoppers. With our expertise, you can reduce the waiting time for the badge by half the time it takes, which is 90 days.