Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


For BrewCLICKS, there is only one thing that matters: you. We work according to your objectives and budget. With these in mind, we want to deliver a digital marketing plan that is cost efficient and delivers results.


Our company specializes in search engine marketing (SEM). This is different from search engine optimization (SEO), which other people like to call a more organic approach to online marketing. There are a lot of variations between the two, the most obvious of which is the level of risk.


Why we don’t dispel the importance of SEO (and we work with a lot of SEO teams), our SEM provides the NECESSARY support to deliver the right people to your business. We do that by customizing ads and then setting the right parameters, such as location (where you want to promote your business).


SEM is more laser focused. It is easily customized to your budget and marketing needs and goals. You pay only when somebody clicks on your ad, for example. Tracking costs is more convenient. Moreover, it has a higher level of assurance of success than SEO, which usually depends on tricky strategies.


SEM also delivers the results you’re looking for quickly. You don’t have to wait for days or even months to build your brand online and get the exposure and conversion your business needs.

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