ADA Website Compliance & Accessibility for Breweries

The Accessibility Level of Your Brewery May Turn Into ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) & California's Unruh Civil Rights Act Legal Issues

Over 10,000 ADA related cases specific to website accessibility took place in 2018, this is more than 20 times the volume in 2015.  Your brewery can potentially be sued by those who test your website's accessibility measures.  


Businesses who provide "public accommodations", no matter if large or small, are being a focal point for attorneys who specialize in ADA website related legal battles. Breweries are on the hook, and can be sued for this whether the are aware of the issues and errors or not. One recent example is Brooklyn Brewery. This situation has cost them more to defend in court, and the negative publicity, than it would've been to fix the issue if they were aware of it.

The size of the brewery website, and its' error tally are largely what factors into whether it should be fixed or simply rebuilt. Typically a rebuild is the solution due to cost varitions in existing site fixes.  As long as either options are handled by experienced, web accessibility experts, you can rest-easy knowing you are compliant .

ADA Web Co.  is the company that BrewCLICKS has partnered with to handle all of ADA Compliance. The team at ADA Web Co. is equipped with experienced web developers who have accomplished large-scale websites for the City of Los Angeles and more.

When opening your brewery's online presence to people with disabilities, the enhancement's return on investment should far exceed the initial budget used to ensure you're up to compliance standards.

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